Sunday, February 12, 2006

You Know You're Wasting Too Much Time Watching the Olympics...

...when you find yourself wondering how a couple of snowboarders would do color commentary on a worship service at your church:

"Did you see that assisting minister? Dude, she biffed the corporate confession!"

"Yeah...when she went for a fakie and bonked the font, and then fraggled the presiding. What a noob."

"Dude, even the li'l grommet who lights the candles could do a better job."

"But hey -- the presiding minister got some phat air during the Great Thanksgiving. Sick steez, man."

"He just barges that ritual, dude. Schwank."


Songbird said...

You were clearly listening more closely than I!
I couldn't even watch. Vertigo and snowboarding are not a happy couple. I had to settle for listening to my 10-year-old saying, "That was Big Air!!"

Rainbow Pastor said...

I liked the Fakey-to-fakey and McTwist! The trick names just sounded so...I don't know, Valley-Dude-ish and slacker-resonant.

And how do they get 1080?

LutheranChik said...

This is pushing the upper limit of my mathematical prowess, but I believe a 1080 is a series of three 360 degree a triple in figure skating. Like, epic air.

I really do enjoy the freestyle skiing and snowboarding competitions, even if I am a gaffer (Read: old fart).

duchessSoF said...

I almost cried when I was sitting at pub in Campbell and looked up at the tv screen seeing a bunch of cheerful, smiling Danes come out and do the welcome walk. There was something something so reassuring and comforting...that we all go on and there can be peace...hard feeling to describe. The olympics tend to do that to me, get me all emotive. *Sigh*

SingingOwl said...

My DH said that they really should give us a glossary before the events.

see-through faith said...

hope you'll rooting for Finland !!!