Tuesday, February 28, 2006


One of the best definitions of repentance I've ever heard: Looking in a new direction for your happiness.


Lorna said...


thanks to for the link you left Micahgirl over at Rev Gals -most useful

Emily said...

I like that quite a bit. I love how malleable "metanoia" is, and what different directions (no pun intended) one can go with it.

MicahGirl said...

Thanks for your references for fixed prayer sites at revgalblogpal. I actually LOVE sacred space, but haven't been there recently. I also appreciate all the thoughts on your blog about getting your heart ready for Lent.


J.C. Fisher said...

Kind of a nice flip-side to that AA one for Resentment:

"Like drinking poison, yet expecting someone else to die"


A blessed Lent, LC! (It's here at last)

Lorna said...

I visited sacred space again today. Thank you for highlighting it.

God spoke and I was in tears.