Friday, February 24, 2006

The Codeman and the Chairman

My dog loves Frank Sinatra.

I tell this to people, and they smile and nod, and I know they're thinking, "She's just a leeetle bit nuts."

But I'm telling you, it's true. When our local public radio station's Saturday morning jazz/swing/blues program plays Sinatra, my dog is right at the radio. One Sunday evening when 60 Minutes did a feature on some newly discovered Sinatra videos, my dog sat right in front of the TV, ear cocked, entranced, for the whole segment.

Tonight, during the replay of the Olympic figure skating exhibition, Sinatra's "My Way" was one of the musical accompaniments. My dog, who had been snoozing in his little doggy bed, popped to attention and listened to the whole song; then settled back down and fell asleep as soon as the music stopped.

The dog has a thing for the Chairman of the Board. Believe me or not.


Christopher said...

You may be a leetle bit nuts, but I believe you. My dog loved Robert Service, especially when read from this Service CD I got up in Alaska where the poetry was read by a man named "Buckwheat."

Sarah said...

I believe it--my cat was fascinated with watching curling, amazingly enough. I think whe wanted to pounce those slow-moving red and yellow mice as they slid scross the screen...

Nicodemia said...

Oh, I believe you, LC! Just don't think much of his taste!!!

RevHRod said...

I believe! What does he think of Dean Martin? ;-)

LutheranChik said...

Rev: He likes Dean Martin, but I don't think he loves Dean Martin. Ditto Sammy Davis, Jr., Rosemamry Clooney, et al....he seems happy listening to them, but there's not the same degree of attention.

Music my dog does not like -- that makes his hair stand on end and elicits a lot of barking and pacing -- includes rock and roll, opera sopranos and children's music -- high-pitched voices set him off.

Christopher: I used to live with a cat (forgettable roommate, but terrific cat) who seemed very sensitive to sound. He loved to thrum his tail against my guitar; he'd do that and then do that long blink of pleasure that cats do: "Oh, yesssss; that was verrry nice..." He also liked rhymes; I'd rhyme his name, or talk to him in rhyming couplets, and that seemed to evoke something in him.

Sarah: My dog hates people on TV running or waving their arms, and he also is not overly fond of cartoons. And he hates politicians; I used to think it was just W, but during the last presidential campaign he hated Kerry too; he hates 'em all. And elephants. Something about elephants.

LutheranChik said...

"Rosemamry"???? WTH was that????

It's been a long day. Nevermind!

Mata H said...

I believe - in the 1960's I had a parakeet who dug Joan Baez - used to bop upand down on his perch in rhythm to the music and would whistle along about a note behind..