Sunday, February 26, 2006

The Big Getting Real

I'm beginning a thorough and serious examen of conscience before Ash Wednesday. I'm a little afraid -- as I told someone today, things are going to get ugly -- but I want, and need, that YOU ARE HERE marked out on my spiritual roadmap.

Talk about annual performance reviews -- I'm getting one from The CEO.


LutherPunk said...

I am with you. I so do not look forward to be honest with myself this week as I prepare to go to confession Wednesday and then lead services. Ugh.

Mata H said...

Just be aware that the place YOU think you are is probably a lot lower than where God thinks you are.

see-through faith said...

remember He isn't safe but He is good
and when the lion of Judah roars, everything trembles not just you.

He loves you - that's why this is important