Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Wednesday Night Blog Party

Zipping through blogdom tonight...

Dash encounters Christ in an unlikely guise.

The Lutheran Zephyr points out some good things about being Lutheran, and also explains why Lutherans don't "bring people to Christ."

Lorna at See-Through Faith encounters a fellow unhappy with, using his punctuation, "female 'pastors,'" and responds in a firm but gracious way. (Lorna, you have better people skills than I do, for sure.)

The Rebel Without a Pew ponders the wisdom of keeping congregations on life support instead of living into the future. And speaking of pilgrimage, Sacramentality compares the monarch butterfly migration with the Christian journey.

Jules at Faith or Fiction , reading Thomas Merton, writes of becoming real by telling the truth.

And if you'd like to help a Katrina victim in a practical way, Ann at What Is Your Only Comfort? is helping a young woman evacuee who could use some stuff as she settles into her new living situation.

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Cathy said...

Oh darn, I missed the party to remember those Wednesday nights..