Thursday, September 29, 2005

Thursday Night Blog Party

Skipping through blogdom tonight...

Meet my Swedish friend Jonatan at Liturgia Semper Reformanda , where he's been talking about worship as a multisensory experience; he's now discussing how incense engages the sense of smell in worship. Pastor J, you are My Hero.

On a related note, bls at The Topmost Apple longs to recapture a sense of awe and majesty before God.

On Bending the Rule , *Christopher describes how our balance and focus affect our faith walk.

Pastor Grover at Grover's Corners muses on the discomfort of confronting one's mediocrity.

Derek at Haligweorc shares a hymn to St. Michael for this day -- any musicians out there are welcome to suggest an appropriate melody.

A sad farewell service at the Rebel Without a Pew's church.

Check out Melancthon's labor of love The Truth About the Trinity .

Pastor Pink Shoes shares a transcendent Little Child Moment during the Eucharist.

First Year Pastor is the latest among us to be stricken with that antsy, unsettled feeling inherent in change.

And now...I go to pack my bag for my weekend retreat in Kalamazoo -- major lecture time interspersed with worship and meals. I'd like to say that, at the end of the day, I go on to a late evening of intensive personal prayer and meditation, feet of clay may experience a peppermint-rosemary pedicure while I watch The History Channel in my hotel room. (All together now: GEEK!) Maybe I need to read *Christopher's blog again...


KK McKay said...

Hey L-Chic,

Whiskeypalian here! So I'm maybe a cousin-kindred spirit anyway. What's geeky about a peppermint-rosemary pedicure btw? Not!

RE: History channel. I love it. for about 5 minutes anyway....unless it's on Jefferson.

Have a nice Eucharist!

Christ's peace,

LutheranChik said...

Greetings, and welcome to my humble blog! We are spiritual cousins...more like half-siblings, methinks. Half-siblings with Teutonic last names, on our side, and more of a fondness for beer.;-) (But it has to be good beer.)

Quotidian Grace said...

Can't pedicures be a meditative experience? I think so! They should be added to the offerings at spiritual retreat centers, don't you think?