Friday, September 16, 2005

Friday Bloom Blogging

Today was a dark, raw, wet day here in Outer, as a valedictory salute to the summer soon to pass, here's an image from earlier in the season when I visited my old stomping grounds in Cadillac. These flowers -- they were annual verbena mixed with...I'm having a brain burp regarding their official name; I call them "miniature petunia thingies," a phrase which doesn't Google well -- were gorgeous; the baskets were huge, perfectly round, and hung at regular intervals all the way down the main drag. And I can't describe the colors; much more vivid than this picture suggests. I literally stood underneath the street lamps with mouth agape, like...well, like the tourist I've become.

Flower power in downtown Cadillac Posted by Picasa


Cathy said...

I like the term brain burp! It's better than brain spasm!

LutheranChik said...

Or brain fart. (Welcome to the earthy Saxon sensibility of Lutherland, Cathy.;-))