Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Quiz: Can This Wardrobe Be Saved?

Why post a canned quiz when you can invent your own?

The sentence best matching this article of clothing, pulled from LutheranChik's own closet, is:

a. "I went to the Pride parade, and all I got was this lousy jacket."
b. "My kid's birthday is next month. I wonder if she juggles and make balloon animals."
c. "Don't drop the brown acid,'s bad..."
d. "Festive colors...clean, classic lines...and it goes with almost anything. Yeah, right!"
e. "Hello? Fashion Police? I'd like to report a felony in Outer Podunk..."
f. "We now conclude another broadcast day..."
g. "Hmmm...which festival would be the most liturgically appropriate for that?"
h. "Taste's less; great filling!"
i. Other

I like to call it my Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Posted by Picasa


Cathy said...

How about "What NOT to wear" :)

Actually I like colors of the rainbow. You can wear ANY solid color shirt underneath, however, there is that over shirt....
Fun posting!

Purechristianithink said...

We like to dress her in bright colors in case she wanders away from us and we have to find her.

Lutheran Zephyr said...

I had a pair of parachute pants back in the 80's that would have gone well with that jacket . . .

LutheranChik said...

Cathy: Actually, when I have worn this (and I have!), I've paired it up with very conservative navy pants and a navy turtleneck. (I won't even go into why this is in my wardrobe, other than to note that, like many things, it seemed like a good idea at the time.)

Purechristianithink: That's scarily close to the truth.;-) I'm easily distractable.

Chris: Ah, yes...sort of an MC Hammer thing going on...

Dash said...

What's with that dark blue plaid stuff in the background? It's very distracting....

LutheranChik said...

Oh, that's my bedspread. I couldn't find a good neutral backdrop. And I'm too dumb (and impatient) to figure out the "paint" function on my photo-fixer-upper software.

See, it's no wonder I'm easily distracted, surrounded by so much plaid.;-)

hamletta said...

Oh, dear.

That is truly awful. However, I can offer at least some consolation, in that I probably still have the early '80s Japanese-architectural jacket/top with the web and e-ring buckles.

The first time I wore it, my office mate said, "You look like you're fixin' to squirt out a baby in the rice paddy and keep on pickin'."

This, when I was 23 and slim. And obviously insecure.

Anyway, I really dropped by to let you know about Street Prophets, a new offshoot of Daily Kos for lefty religious people.

I've been reading you for a while in my feeble attempt to learn all the stuff I shoulda in confirmation class, and I figure you could add an important Lutheran voice there.

I have some experience in the dKos community, and your writing voice is just right for talking about faith and religion there.

The ugly mishigas about religion after the November election actually sent me searching for more information about The Faith, which eventually led to your blog.

Anyway, Street Prophets is headed by pastordan, a truly delightful, punk-rock-loving UCC minister. From my memory of dKos, there's lots of UUs; Episcopalians; Catholics, either bitter, lapsed, or patient; proud Orthodox folks (who gloat about half-price Easter candy!); liberal Evangelicals (yes, Virginia); and fewer Lutherans than I can count on one hand.

You need to go git up in it, girl.

Sorry to be all OT, but I couldn't find an e-mail addy.

Anonymous said...

EEK! Did someone really wear that??


Anonymous said...

Oy gevalt!

I think that coat officially makes the Baby Jesus cry.

S. da WonderSheep (who is secretly jealous and wants one!)

LutheranChik said...

Nicodemia: Um...yes...(digging toe in dirt)

Spiffy: Maybe becasue he's overcome by excitement over the festive cavalcade of colors! "All things bright and beautiful...!"

Charlotte said...

OK, so you already made the technicolor dreamcoat quip. Is that quiz multiple choice? Were you helping out in the Sunday school during a certain story?

I have some coats of many colors as well but they're a bit more subtle ;-).

LutheranChik said...

Charlotte, I considered nominating this for "Terrible Tat" over on Ship of Fools...I did wear it in church. (And not for the children's sermon.)