Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Wednesday Night Blog Party

This is going to be a relatively short post because I am supposed to be writing my Advent devotionals instead of blogging -- some of you know how that goes -- but I wanted to point out a few blogs I enjoy reading, that I just haven't gotten around to adding to my blogroll, as well as one of the blogs on my list that I missed last week.

Two faith-based blogs that will take you right into the heart of the territory ravaged by Hurricane Katrina, visit Hurricane Katrina Response and St. Casserole , the latter blogged by one of our RevGalBlogPals whose parish was in the path of the hurricane. Meanwhile, Clark Smith, Mild-Mannered Blogger offers a thoughtful response to the "God caused the hurricane" sentiment.

Lutherpunk discusses the Lutheran understanding of the Communion of Saints, and why some of us Lootern types think that asking for the intercession of the saints is as much of a non-issue as asking any of you to pray for us. Meanwhile, Real Live Preacher has a numinous encounter with Martin Luther, Diet Coke and a can of soup.

And, on a lighter note, Suburban Lesbian comes out of the closet as an enthusiastic consumer of Mary long as the Mary Kay ladies keep a safe distance. I have a stealth Avon lady -- I get my stash through a third-person drop -- so I can relate. And I also have a fondness for girlie-girl foot therapy. (Actually, when I'm feeling unloved and neglected I have a tendency to self-medicate via fragrant lotions and potions of various kinds, so if you see me in a Bath & Body Works store sadly sampling the merchandise you know I have had a Very Bad Week.)

So many little time...


Charlotte said...

Oooh, girlfriend, if you were anywhere near a Lush you'd go nuts. If you're out here I'll take you.

Girliegirl foot therapy is a Very Very Good Thing. I (heart) my pedicurist.

Cathy said...

I didn't know about the party - I will come to the party next Wednesday night. :)


LutheranChik said...

Charlotte...I visited the Lush website...[swoon] "I'll have what she's having."

In the meantime...I am enjoying my Wheatland souvenir soaps. (Sniffing soap -- it's come to this.) In addition to Beedazzled, there was a booth there from a little up-north cottage industry called Heaven's Harp, that makes all sorts of righteous bath and beauty products...they had all sorts of woody/spicy scented products that I favor, plus Amber Incense soap...this is the olfactory equivalent, IMHO, of dinner, a show, a hand-in-hand walk under the streetlights in the rain AND a bag of chips, all rolled into one. Ooh-la-la. That one, I'm rationing.;-)