Friday, September 26, 2008

We Heart Rachel

Air America's Rachel Maddow has been hosting a news-talk show weeknights on MSNBC since the beginning of September, but we -- not having access to Air America here in the jackpine wilderness -- didn't really have it on our household radar until last night. I'm laid up with a sinus infection; FT has been busy with a website project; we were channel-surfing last night around 9:00 pm and caught "The Rachel Maddow Show."
We love the mix of wit and good investigative journalism, which elicited some revivalish commentary in our living room: "Yeah. " " YEAH." " You tell the truth, girlfriend. " "THANK YOU." (Or, in my case, "THAG OO.") And -- let's face it -- the national news these days is so absurd that it's a comfort to hear a commentator affirm our essential sanity: No, it's not just you.


P.S. said...

I too have just recently come across Rachel, and love her energy and quality of reporting. I also love it that she is willing to call them on it when either side tries to pull a fast one or blow smoke.

I don't care for most/many political commentary shows, but hers is one I look forward to.

ProclaimingSoftly (PSanafter-thought) said...

Besides seeing her in your blog, I had never heard of Rachel until the last week. Now we are watching her. My husband loves her wit and her face. Should I be jealous? No way, I also love her expressive face. I was surprised that either of us would like her because I usually dislike journalists who tip their hand about what side they support. But she sure makes it all seem so rational to support the same side.