Saturday, September 20, 2008

Getting to a Grace Place

The Gospel for this week is here .

I'm not preaching or praying front and center tomorrow. But reading and thinking about the texts this week, I'm struck by the disconnect between the Gospel lesson and the way Christianity generally works. As a regular on Beliefnet, I'm always stunned by the way that folks want to ration God's grace, as if it's a finite quantity -- and as if, if it's extended to someone perceived as unworthy of it (yeah...there's that conceptual problem too), there's less of it to go around for the Real Christians[tm]

Funny folk, are we Christians. We just don't get it most of the time.

Good thing about the grace.


ProclaimingSoftly (PSanafter-thought) said...

Funny thing: the stingy ones also will partake of Grace.

Anonymous said...

Today our Sunday school lot came back into the main church saying they'd done the story about "the workers who were overpaid". Gaaaah!!

It's no good my volunteering to teach Sunday school myself as I terrify small children even more than I scare most people.
Joan of Quark

Sheryl said...

Just to give you hope, our high school students really got the Gospel when we talked about it in Sunday School this week, and the two serving as acolytes actually paid attention to the sermon.

One of the things we talked about in the whole, "the last shall be first" theme was prison ministry. We got some good discussion out of what it means to be generous of spirit, and helping people to get a first chance, let along a second.

There is hope.