Sunday, June 22, 2008

Where Sheep May...Um...Safely Graze

Fellow Traveler's and my adventures in locovoria continued today after church when we drove to Midland to pick up a delivery of freshly butchered lamb from a farm that raises Icelandic sheep.

These beasties are a wild-looking lot, in a variety of woolly colors, with sickle horns and narrow-pupiled, goatlike eyes; anyone squeamish about purchasing meat directly from the farmer while looking into the faces of future dinner entrees still on the hoof in the field need not worry, I don't think, about emotionally bonding with these particular sheep. We did, however, find the Icelandic sheepdogs the family also raises quite a lot of fun -- very curious, friendly dogs, two of whom happily hopped into our Jeep.

Anyway -- we came home with 40 pounds of chops, steaks,roasts, stew meat and ground lamb. (Three steaks are currently marinating in some Smoking Loon cabernet mixed with garlic, olive oil and rosemary.) We also got a tip from the farmers about their neighbors who raise natural pork, and about their farm open house coming up this fall, where they plan to invite other local farmers and food processors who sell directly to consumers -- including a mill in a neighboring county that still grinds locally grown grain.

Is dis a movement?

P.S. It's now nearly 9 pm, and we are luxuriating in happy food comas after enjoying our marinated, charcoal-grilled lamb steaks with authentic pita and grilled leeks from the food coop (I split the leeks lengthwise and nuked them for a few minutes, then finished them on the grill), garbanzo bean salad and cucumber-yogurt salad. The lamb was rich...mild...tender.


Crimson Rambler said...

WONDERFUL! It must have been our bio-rhythms -- I was on my way home from the mountains and drove by the "down this road, Sheep Farm" sign that I have passed I don't know how often in the last 30 years...but THIS time I thought "by damn, I am going to see that sheep farm..." -- threw a "u-ey" in the middle of the road and went back. Paradisal about describes it, right down to the big black Lab who was all set to HELP ME carry my rack-of-lamb to the car. The rack is for my kids who tended house, mail, cat while I was away. As I already had nice BC red wine for them...they felt quite capable of working out the menu from there!

Trish said...

Nom Nom Nom! That sounds DELICIOUS! And your talk about authentic pita and cucumber salad is reminding me of the food we were served in Israel and Palestine this past January! Yum (when it wasn't shawarma and falafel for the millionth time in a week). ha. Glad you enjoyed.

zorra said...

I love this post!!

Here we have good sources for eggs, chicken,grass-fed beef, and some fabulous goat cheese (including feta), but I'm still looking for local, natural pork and lamb. Enjoy all that wonderful lamb this season.

david said...

Wow....sounds like quite a meal.