Monday, June 16, 2008

Time For Wining

Michigan merlot?

Am I serious?

Oh, yes.

Michigan is not noted for red wine -- the climate, I'm told, doesn't always support the grape varieties best suited for good reds -- but Black Star Farms in Suttons Bay has come out with an absolutely fabulous merlot.

I had some 2006 Black Star Farms Arcturos Merlot yesterday with our Greek-seasoned buffalo burgers in pita. (About once a month we head about 25 miles down the road to the town of Standish, on M-23, which among other things boasts a great fruit-and-meat market selling locally raised buffalo meat for cheap.) Outstanding; that's all I can say. Smooth; rich but not heavy on the palate; flavors of berry, raisin and clove, maybe a touch of pipe tobacco. Two thumbs up for this wine, outstaters. And Black Star Farms is also investing heavily in sustainable/organic farming methods and eco-tourism (their vineyard includes a bed-and-breakfast), and promoting local organic farming by hosting an ongoing farmers' market on premises. It's a company doing a lot of good, innovative things here in Michigan; if you're a wineac or Upper-Midwest-bound tourist, definitely check them out, online or on the road.

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Trish said...

Have you ever tried Honey wine with elderflowers? It's a semi-sweet with a bit of spice. Or else elderberry wine? It's a semi-dry red that tastes kind of like pepper. Both are really good, and the bf bought some at a winery in Western North Dakota when he was there last week. I recommend them. Good stuff.