Friday, February 29, 2008

The Live Life Fund

My cubicle-mate at work -- someone who's gone through some tumultuous times and is in a process of reinvention -- was telling me about a friend of hers' nest-egg savings plan. This may not be news to anyone reading -- maybe it comes from Dave Ramsay or another home-budget guru -- but this person periodically goes through all her dollar bills to find "A" series bills. She stashes those in a rainy-day fund.

My coworker, inspired, has begun culling her "L" series dollar bills, to stash away for times when she needs to be good to herself. She says, "I'm putting these in my Live Life fund!"

I find the idea of a Live Life fund rather enchanting. I wonder if this is a place where one should invest moments as well as money.

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Mary Sue said...

Hee. Mine's called the Sonic Screwdriver Fund. Since I'm a child of the Plastic Age, I rarely have cash. So I just sock away $25 per pay period into my Sonic Screwdriver fund.

I'm taking that money and going to Canada for a weekend next month!