Sunday, February 17, 2008

Ice, Ice Baby

When I got up at five this morning to take out the beasts (the always ingenious Casssie having gotten me up by waving in my face the baggie of leftover cheese I'd snacked on last night, then discarded in the trash), the weather seemed okay. When I got up for real, freezing rain had begun to fall. By the time I was ready to leave for church, the sidewalk, driveway and trees were all coated in a layer of ice. I drove about a mile down the road, and when I realized that I couldn't wipe the ice off the windshield fast enough to see where I was going, I knew it was time to turn around (very carefully) and give up on the church thing.

When I called, our secretary told me that she'd already called most of our seniors and told them not to try to make it to church -- and that our Sunday School teacher had slipped and fallen off her front porch while trying to get her kids into the car for Sunday School and had also decided to stay home. The few hardy souls who'd managed to make it were deciding whether to call the whole thing off this morning.

I just e-mailed my sermon to my assisting minister. If it keeps freezing-raining, she might have to e-mail it to the rest of the congregation.

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Scooper said...

Reminds me of this joke.