Monday, February 25, 2008

The Good News Bears

Despite my one-time vow to never sit on a church committee ever again -- ever, ever again -- I, along with Fellow Traveler, am headed to church tonight after dinner for a big confab of all our church committee members. The two of us are on the Evangelism Committee...ironic, because after my latest encounters with our fundagelical brethren and sistren online, I'm feeling rather agnosti-Buddhist. But maybe that gives me enough intellectual and emotional distance from it all to make me a useful member of the evangelism team.


Tom in Ontario said...

Evangelism is what we really need to be about. Don't get down because of the way the fundies do it. Do it right. LutherPunk just blogged about what his congregation is doing as part of their evangelism program.

LutheranChik said...

"Servant evangelism" sounds like what our congregation does in a very organic, matter-of-fact manner. I think that in our church neighborhood we have a reputation as being people who help other people. Sometimes that results in people becoming part of our faith community.