Sunday, December 25, 2005

What You Got For Christmas

You're probably wondering what I got you for Christmas.

Well -- I got you two things. One thing is a donation to The Heifer Project . Heifer helps people around the world become food self-suffient, earn income for their households and help their neighbors by providing them with livestock, trees and technical expertise in raising them. Recipients of Heifer gifts promise to share any offspring with their neighbors, so one gift keeps giving throughout communities.

The other thing is a day sponsorship at The Text This Week -- the week of Epiphany 6B, February 12th, to be exact. If you haven't visited The Text This Week -- Webmeister Jenee, who's a RevGalBlogPal , has put together an amazing treasure trove of lectionary readings with commentaries, sermons and other sermon and worship helps...and she does all this from her home, while she takes care of a special-needs son. Whenever I post an essay on a Sunday Gospel lesson, or share a work of art on my blog, there is a very good chance that I've been to Jenee's place first.

Both donations were made to the glory of God and in celebration of my friends. That's you!

Hope they fit. Merry Christmas!


the reverend mommy said...


bls said...

Thanks, LC! It was just what I wanted.

Sue said...

A perfect fit. Thank you so much!

Charlotte said...

Thanks LC and happy birthday!

bls said...

Is today your birthday, LC? I think I knew it was around this time, but didn't know when.

Happy Birthday, then! Many more!

LutheranChik said...

Thank you all!

J.C. Fisher said...

Oh, you shouldn't have! ;-p

Kathryn said...

You got a goat from me! Hope it gets on with our heifer!