Saturday, December 24, 2005

The 12 Days of LC's Christmas Tree: Christmas Eve Preview

As promised, here are some up-close-and-personal photos of my eclectic Christmas tree. Blogger's photo upload function is acting up on my this afternoon, so I decided that instead of trying to post several of them in one post I'll just publish one a day.

"Every picture tells a story, don't it," and every -- or almost every -- ornament on my tree has a story behind it. The star of this photo is a celluloid Weihnachtsmann -- that's Santa Claus to you -- that my paternal great-grandparents brought over on the boat from the Old Country. These were some of the most no-nonsense, least sentimental people I can think of, so I can't imagine, of all the things they gathered together to take to America, they'd take Christmas ornaments...but they did. That out-of-focus silver ball behind Santa is also from that collection. These are some of the oldest ornaments on the tree.

The white blob in the upper left-hand corner is a satin dove I bought at a peace-and-justice alternative Christmas fair many years ago -- that's its bulging crop; perhaps it had been eating granola -- and the pretty daffodil ornamanent is a fairly recent acquisition I picked up at an after-Christmas sale at the ArtReach gallery in Mt. Pleasant, a few years ago when I was feeling blue around the holidays and decided I needed shopping therapy somewhere outside the boundaries of Outer Podunk. As you can see, I'm not into themed Christmas trees -- who do you think I am, Martha Stewart? -- but enjoy happy chaos.

Oldies but goodies Posted by Picasa

"Kling, Gloeckchen, kling-a-ling-a-ling"...another antique ornament from the great-grandparents Posted by Picasa

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