Friday, December 23, 2005

O Christmas Tree

What I did today after we came home from shopping...not bad for a Manchurian spruce out of a box. Tomorrow I will take you on a guided tour of My Back Pages, Christmas Ornament Edition.

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J. C. Fisher said...

LC, could you please email me?

(I can't email you otherwise)


(Nice tree! :-D)

Nicodemia said...

That is some tree!!

Have a wonderful Christmas!

phlox said...

Hi Tawonda,

Merry Christmas!

Your voice is missed on the B'net C2C boards, no one can fill your shoes.

Enjoy your holidays!


Wash Lady said...

Looking forward to your ornaments.

LutheranChik said...

J.C.: I just did.:-)

Phlox: I miss a lot of the people there, but I will not subject myself to the crap that goes on there. There are a trio of people who frequent that forum, or used to, that I'd just as soon never encounter in any way again. My spiritual life has improved by my not having to read anything they have to say about anything.

Washlady: I might have to do a couple of posts.

deb said...

Lovely tree! You did that in one day? Wow!


Emily said...

Merry Christmas! Great tree.