Wednesday, August 03, 2005

"Traditional Values" Come to Outer Podunk

"Group Aims to Bring Religion, Ethics Into Government," trumpeted the front page of our weekly newspaper today.

It seems that a group called Citizens For Traditional Values is forming in our general area. One of the concerned citizens notes, somewhat ominously, "There are changes that need to happen in our nation..."

Well, I'm with him there. Although I suspect that if we compared lists there would be, as they say, a difference of opinion.

I'm all for traditional values. "Love the Lord with all your your neighbor the way you love yourself" -- there are two of the most traditional values I can think of, and I'm all for 'em, as much as my often lackluster faith and commitment allow me to live them out. But, again, I think if I compared my list of traditional values with this group's list...there would be a difference of opinion.

The letters to the editor this week included a wingnut screed, penned by some non-native and inserted in our paper I'm sure at the behest of the nascent CTV, claiming that our Founding Fathers were not Deists, but Real Christians [TM]. Oy veh. (And the nature of my work makes it necessary for me to quietly brux the enamel off my teeth while this stuff goes on.)

I think these people are finally going to drive me to slapping a bumper sticker on my car. If anyone knows where I can get one that reads, "Hate Is Not a Traditional Value," let me know.


Purechristianithink said...

I'll bet you could design one at Cafe Press, where we designed our RevGalBlogPal T's and mugs.

J.C. Fisher said...

Ugh. Watch these nutters like a hawk.

Correction: "observe these folks---God's Beloved Children---in a fashion 'wise as serpents, gentle as doves'"! ;-)

(And slap on that bumper sticker)

Christopher said...

Interestingly enough I got into the "Diest/Christian" argument a while back. Got talked into the ground, cited titles of all this stuff Thomas Jefferson wrote, so I went out and found "the ethics of Jesus" for example. It is a book where TJ takes out all the MIRACLES from the gospels and proclaims that that is the real jesus...

Anonymous said...

Ask and ye shall receive--

S. da WonderSheep

M. S. Renfrow said...

Ask and ye shall receive

M. S. Renfrow said...
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LutheranChik said...

Spiffy: I just wanted to say...I love reading your screen name.;-) And thanks.

I used to know a pastor whose car was pretty much held together by progressive bumper stickers and Bondo.;-)

Charlotte said...

Progressive bumper stickers and Bondo hold a lot of ancient and honorable vehicles together here in Berkeley.

(waves hi at Spiffy)