Sunday, August 28, 2005

Be a Groupie!

I have just begun two Beliefnet dialogue groups -- one on the Daily Office , one on lectio divina using the Sacred Space website. The groups are each three weeks long, and are a way for persons interested in incorporating these disciplines into their own daily spiritual practice to talk about their insights and experiences and receive support from others. You can follow the link above to find out more.

I often have a dicey relationship with Beliefnet, but I had a very positive experience facilitating a Daily Office group last year -- in the beginning I thought I'd attract the bare minimum number of participants necessary to make it a going concern, but wound up instead with a large, lively group. And the dialogue groups provided an entre for me into the world of blogging, thanks to bls ...and my experience "dialoguing" played a role in my decision to get involved in lay ministry training. So I am entering into this new project with the hope that The CEO has more surprises in store for me in the month to come.

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