Wednesday, August 24, 2005

So, Pat -- Tell Us What You Think About Everything

Now, I know that Pat Robertson , to the extent that Lutherans and other catholic types pay attention to him at all, has the same credibility level in our circles -- probably less -- than that guy down behind the supermarket who argues with himself and wears a tinfoil hat to keep the alien mind-meld rays from penetrating his head. But, just for your further edification, in case you're not acquainted with Robertson's other deep thoughts, here is a Big, Scary List of Pat Robertson Quotes .

It's just too bad that there don't seem to be all that many Christians out there who are willing to call him on his comments. Just because he appears to be barking mad doesn't mean that he's harmless. The educated churched folks in Germany dismissed Hitler as a crackpot too. And did you ever notice that, when the Sunday-morning talking-head news shows devote a broadcast to "Whither Religion in the United States?", it ain't Bishop Hanson or other mainstream church leadership who shows up -- it's Robertson, Falwell, et al. That's scary too.


Tom in Ontario said...

Bishop Hanson preached at the closing service of our ELCIC National Church Convention and said that he had been invited to the White House after 9/11. I don't remember exactly what he said he told the president but he did say he's never been invited back. I guess he didn't tell him what he wanted to hear.

fausto said...

Amen, sister L.

Tom, I've heard that Jim Wallis is another one who was invited to the White House only once. (Not surprisingly.)

Courtney Bagheri said...

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