Wednesday, August 24, 2005

My New New Favorite Tomato

This is one of my "Green Zebra" tomatoes -- my new favorite. These are not heirloom tomatoes, per se, but are an open-pollinated variety. Once I finally figured out they were ripe (hint: it's when the fruit becomes slightly soft to the touch and the background color turns a yellowish chartreuse), I found them to be pleasingly tart-sweet, like salsa verde. They also look pretty cool sliced on a plate with dark red and orange tomatoes. Two (green) thumbs up.

"Green Zebra" tomato Posted by Picasa


bls said...

Sheesh. You get the most out there vegetables I've ever seen.

I'm embarrassed to be stuck with Big Boys and Beefsteaks. Yawn!

I'm liking my Carolina Golds, though. They're yellow and sweet and about the size of big fresh apricots - perfect for handing out to the neighborhood kids.

But I gotta get me some of those Green Zebras sometime....

LutheranChik said...

Oh, don't be embarrassed! I suspect that what you lack in variety you make up for in volume...none of my tomatoes are particularly big. That might be because the tomatoes are container-grown. Monday-morning quarterbacking, I wondered if they would have put more energy into the fruit if I'd pruned them. But...I'm not canning them, I'm snacking on them, so it's all good.;-)

J.C. Fisher said...

Man: and I've just picked the first 3 of my Romas this week . . .

Oh well: besides the fun of growing them (I get a special kick, as an apartment-dweller), they're mainly a way to supplement my poverty food-allowance.

So it's all good. :-)

Ah-so! I see you went w/ the squiggly-alphabet word-verification thingie, LC. Hope that eliminates that spam problem! (When I saw this over on Mark Harris' blog, I meant to mention it to you)