Thursday, January 05, 2006

Chik's Piks 2005

The Best Things I Did in 2005

Enrolled in lay ministry training. Thank you to my patiently encouraging pastor and ecumenical team of encouragers on Beliefnet who helped me get to "yes": Vikki, Dan, Rene, Tom, Wayne, Erick et al.

Started a webblog. Thanks, bls, for introducing me, back around this time last year, to those blog things the kids were all talking about.

Joined the RevGalBlogPals. What a great, supportive group. And whodathunk we'd have published a book?

The Worst Things I Did in 2005

Shot off my mouth, more than once, in hurtful ways.

Got too angry, too often, overall.

Lost a bunch of weight through a combination of prudent diet and regular exercise -- and then fell off the wagon and gained much of the weight back (she related, sitting in her stretchy pants).

Some Things I Have Learned in 2005

That I am not as smart as I thought I was, about any number of things.

That I am braver than I thought I was, about any number of things.

That speaking the truth can cost you.

High Point of the Year

It was a Sunday shortly after I'd had a long chat with my pastor about getting involved in lay ministry; I came up the Communion line, and when he served me, the way he pressed the wafer into my hand, looked me in the eye and emphatically proclaimed, For you -- lots of stuff came together for me at that very moment. It was as they say, a God thing.

Low Point of the Year

Feeling despised, in the context of a particular online interaction, in a very real and chilling way -- and having that feeling confirmed up close and personal by a momentarily frightening encounter with a tattooed skinhead type while I was shopping for groceries. That was the biggie.

2005 Discoveries

the blogosphere, and other new online friends
Farmer Ken, my organic meat-and-egg dude, and my food coop
Margaret Guenther
Jewish reggae -- who knew?
the depths of my sentimental soppiness
my increasing ability to speak loudly and clearly to large groups

Things I Want To Leave Behind in 2005

my lack of discipline in my devotional life
big-city-driving wimpishness
my excess poundage
the impatience I feel living between the "now" and the "not yet" on a multiplicity of levels

I'm still scratching around for more year-end wrap-ups/new-year aspirations. Maybe I'll share them in a future post. Or not.


Anonymous said...

Ups and downs, highs and lows, I celebrate that this last year has truly brought you to a wonderful place, and the beginning of a journey to some amazing future that God only knows.

Cathy said...

Some very thoughtful points you have made about 2005, some should/will be on my list also.

Thanks for sharing them.

Anonymous said...

Online-cum-Real World friends are grateful, too! :-D

[Yes, I'm listing the same ol' dead blog addy: still haven't decided about getting another yet...]