Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday Five: Blogarhythms

This week's RevGalBlogPals Friday Five is short and sweet -- name five blogs we visit regularly.

This gave me an opportunity to revisit my blogroll, which to my horror is so outdated that about two-thirds of the blogs listed have gone to the Great Host Up in the Sky.

File maintenance is not my strong suit. are a few non-RevGal/Pal blogs that I do visit regularly. They're not particularly theological; just of interest to me.

101 Cookbooks . Healthy, interesting recipes.

La Vida Locavore . This where I get my food activist on.

Retro-Food . One of my favorite childhood pastimes was pouring over my mom's collection of cookbooks -- her "big green cookbook," her church cookbooks, her old Michigan Consolidated Gas Christmas cookbook and numerous little booklets she collected from various food and appliance manufacturers in the 50's and early 60's. This blog spotlights a lot of the recipes that recall the last half of the last century.

The Daily Dish . No, this isn't about food; it's Andrew Sullivan, Atlantic columnist, commenting on politics and society.

Crunchy Con Rod Dreher is like the anti-Andrew Sullivan. I find Dreher's "crunchy" posts, and those exploring his own experience as a convert to Eastern Orthodoxy, intriguing reading; the "con" ones not so much. His obsession with/fear of all things gay, and tendency to cherry-pick news items featuring the most dysfunctional gay people in the world -- sort of like my finding particularly prurient stories of heterosexuals behaving badly and using them to bolster an argument that there's something seriously wrong with you straight folks -- drives me absolutely batshit crazy, and his sky-is-falling hysteria regarding the imminent fall of Western civilization has I think now achieved self-parody level; but if I had to spend eternity in a locked room with Dreher or with, say, Ann Coulter or Rush Limbaugh, I'd pick Dreher in a heartbeat. (If nothing else we could entertain one another with gardening advice.) And reading people with whom I disagree, and disagree strenuously, is a way of keeping myself honest.


Auntie Knickers said...

Oh boy, I'll have to look at those!

Sally said...

great list

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

101 cookbooks... found a fab recipe for japanese pizza which is handy b/c i have a head of cabbage to use up!

and Rush... augh. i was married to a dumbass who quoted Rush almost as much as he quote the bible... augh. double augh...

Singing Owl said...

I read people I disagree with for the same reason. :-) I am SO checking out the food links. Cannot have too many of those!

mompriest said...

Some very interesting blogs to look at!