Monday, March 30, 2009

Dog on the Run

How do two middle-aged broads keep up with the high- energy entertainment needs of an active young dog?

We have learned that keeping Miss Gertie happy and un-chewy means taking her out to run. We do this almost every day. And now that she has finally learned to come when called (call me stupid, but I credit her weekly date with Cesar Milan and The Dog Whisperer with clueing her in on what the humans want), these outings are fun, not frustrating.

One of Gertie's go-to places is the county recreational area near Cold Comfort Cottage. It provides her with numerous trails for running, natural obstacles for doggie steeplechase and wildlife for tracking.

Gerties' favorite workout area, though, is home to a different sort of resident: Gertie loves cemeteries -- so much so that we have to spell the word "cemetery" so she won't get too excited beforehand. She loves zig-zagging between and occasionally jumping over the headstones, then heading at breakneck speed for undeveloped sections, banking the curves around the field. (For any readers concerned about maintaining the sanctity of the cemetery...Gertie has an uncanny, untaught tendency to go off to some nearby open space away from the gravesites to do her doggy thing.)

If there are any unquiet spirits haunting these places, I like to think they enjoy this very lively blur of a dog leaping like a gazelle in their midst, so happy to be there with them.


zorra said...

She was a beautiful puppy and has grown into an equally beautiful dog.

Songbird said...

She's dear. Good luck keeping up!

SingingOwl said...

What a gorgeous doggy!