Thursday, March 19, 2009

At Loose Ends

I'm getting ready to do my studying today...but first I have to decompress. I am absolutely verklempt because I can't find 1)my cell phone...again; and 2)a fairly significant piece of paper that, pre-aunt Marian's death and funeral, I was absolutely sure I'd put in a certain "safe" place.

I can't tell you how nuts this kind of thing makes me, and especially now that I don't have the busyness of an office job to blame for forgetting stuff.

Whenever something sudden and dramatic happens in my life, it's as if my brain short-circuits and a sector of my brain cells melts away. The same thing happens when my brain is working on a problem, and then I'm interrupted with a question or a noise or something else catches my attention -- the whole thing disappears. It's like being tased.

Frankly, I worry about what I'm going to be like when I'm 70 or 80.

We make fun of Gertie for her tiny, "Ooh -- shiny!" canine attention span, but I'm not that much better. Maybe I need to be like the Twin Peaks guy and constantly narrate my life into a recorder for future reference.


Anonymous said...

The tone of your blogs since you left 'that job' is amazing. You sound like a different person.
Here's wishing a speedy recovery for FT.
Cheers. Naomi

toujoursdan said...

You are so not alone on the brain freezes. I think it's pretty normal.

Anonymous said...

I have to call my cell phone from a landline frequently in order to find it.

much2ponder said...

Popped over here from Gilly's place. I can so relate to what you say here. Dealing with my own issues, similar in nature. I would love to tell you it will get better, but I'm not so sure it will or maybe I just don't remember :)