Friday, March 06, 2009

DO Hiatus

Just a note that my daily off-the-cuff comments on the Daily Office will be put on hold over the weekend, while I go on an excellent adventure co-delivering Fellow Traveler's Aunt H downstate for an overnighter with her sister Aunt A. (She was the one who gave me a Christmas present this year with a little note attached saying, "May I be YOUR Aunt A too?") Aunt A hasn't had anyone stay at her house since the death of her husband. Aunt H had been thinking about this a lot, and how lonely it must be some nights for her sister, and suggested that we might like to have a big pajama party -- "just us girls."

Now, you may wonder what sort of pajama party one might experience with two nonagenarians. But I'll tell you -- these ladies will run us ragged. I have visions of FT and me snoring away in the living room while the two sisters keep going through the night like Energizer bunnies, catching up on family news and reminiscing about their childhoods.

Gertie will be accompanying us on this journey, as will Bear, Aunt H and Uncle P's little dog, just to add to the fun and games.

Anyway...LC will return in a day or two. Have a good weekend -- we think we will.

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LoieJ said...

Sounds like fun to me.