Saturday, March 14, 2009

Dare I Ask the Question...

The blogosphere has recently fallen into a tizzy about a recent study finding Americans growing less religious.

My question: So what?

So there's less societal pressure to identify as a Christian or indeed as an adherent of any particular belief system. So people are more honest about their spiritual self-identification.

Why is the sky falling in some Christian circles?

Why is it that Christians who seem to derive an emotional benefit from their self-perceived marginalization and rejection by the dominant society are getting all upset to learn that, indeed, they're losing ground demographically? Maybe because, deep-deep down, they really want to kings and queens of the hill after all? D'ya think?


Pastor Joelle said...

Good Question!

PS (PSanafter-thought) said...

We're certainly a country that doesn't encourage spiritual reflection or even time for self-reflection, so "less religious" is hardly a surprise. Maybe people are less willing to adopt a label that others want to put on them. Maybe those who do church will be more honest about being in the world, not of the world, instead of "church" being just another social club.

kg said...

I'm thinking being Hot or Cold is better than lukewarm.

Songbird said...

I'm delighted at the opportunity to finally be counter-cultural!!

PamBG said...

I'm with Songbird on the counter-cultural thing.

Over here in the UK people are constantly moaning about the 'persecution' Christianity is under. Now the secularists and atheists have got into the act. There seems to be some kind of PR contest going between Christians and secularists as to which is the most persecuted group.

Makes you want to find some kind of place in the middle between both so-called persecuted groups.

Everyone needs to get a life. IMHO, of course! ;-)