Friday, December 19, 2008

What I Hope I Don't Dream About Tonight...

Gordon Ramsay walking into the kitchen -- imagine the remains of Christmas baking, round one, plus the detritus of my two sick days and FT's emergency all-day episode with an elderly relative who wound up going to the hospital, all of which has kept us preoccupied this week -- and screaming, What the bloody HELL is this ****ing mess?!

It's going away tomorrow. Yeah, buddy.


Heidi said...

so I am not the only one . . . whew . . . thanks :)

Scooper said...

Say, would you be interested in co-blogging at

Whether or not, I would be interested in your reactions to its concept and excution (so far).

LutheranChik said...

Scooper -- I will check it out!

stinuksuk said...

You are in good company.
LH was taken by EMS to the ER with an uncontrollable nosebleed.
I met him in ER after driving to the church and getting his panicked message on the machine.
9:30 pm doesn't the blasted nose start bleeding again. I run him to the ER where they had to repack his nose. I crawled into bed at 1:10 am. Later that day, a trip to the ENT Doc for a cauterization.
We had to put our beloved Ben down last Saturday.
Our tree was still in a bucket in the garage on Friday!
I am thrilled to report that the tree is up with lights and is awaiting ornaments and tinsel.
Some Advents are just too, too much!