Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Warning: Dangerous To World Peace...and To Maine

How funny to wake up this New Year's Day and hear Pope Benedict exhorting governments to protect "traditional" families in order to preserve world peace. And to read about a protestor from Maine attending this morning's group civil union ceremony in the capital of New Hampshire, which recently passed civil union legislation, stating that he was there to observe this horrendous event in order to warn his fellow Mainers of what might happen in their own state unless they act to ban civil unions.

Who knew what threats Fellow Traveler and I are to the civilized world?

We just started laughing. "The Gay Army is on the march -- duck! And the lesbians are bringing their power tools!"

You homophobes out there need to just stop -- now you're just sounding silly.

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P.S. an after-thought said...

A few weeks ago, our pastor happened to mention that the method of having a church wedding be also the civil wedding is a relatively new way to do things. I know that in some other countries, people have two weddings because of this separation.

Anyway, just after that I read an on-line news story about two churches in Minneapolis which had decided not to do civil weddings anymore as a way to protest the prohibition of same sex marriages. So those churches will only "bless" marriages that are already done civilly, or they will just bless same sex marriages.