Sunday, January 13, 2008

Mike Huckabee: Man of (Some of) the People

Mike Huckabee, speaking to a group of pastors in my fair state this week (Hat tip: Yahoo! News):

"The former Southern Baptist minister emphasized his opposition to abortion as he urged about 100 pastors in Grand Rapids to support him and use their address books and e-mail lists to mobilize others.

"'I don't presume that you will support me because of a common faith," Huckabee told them. "I know that I have to earn that. But I also recognize this is a unique opportunity. For a long time, those of us who are people of faith have been asked to support a candidate who would talk to us. But rarely has there been one who comes from us.'

"He added, "Life is in the balance.'"

And he's humble, too.

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Counselor in Process said...

I loved his comment after Benazir Bhuto's tragic death that Pakistanis were that most populous of illegal aliens in the US.