Friday, January 04, 2008

A Resolute Friday Five

This week's query by the RevGalBlogPals is all about New Year's resolutions:

1. Do you make New Year resolutions?

2. Is this something you take seriously, or is it a bit of fun?
A bit of both. I'm taking this year's seriously enough to do some amateur research on the best means of behavior change; on the other hand, there's just something enjoyable and cathartic about starting a new year afresh.

3. Share one goal for 2008.
One rather bizarre but needed resolution: I resolve to have framed and display all the artsy up-north prints we've collected over the past year and a half but that I've kept in a "round-tuit" pile. They deserve to be seen and appreciated.

4. Money is no barrier, share one wild/ impossible dream for 2008.
Move up north to pursue a new career as a philosopher/barista.

5. Someone wants to publish a story of your year in 2008, what will the title of that book be?
Living For the Health of It

1 comment:

PK said...

hhmmmmhh.... you've got me thinking... maybe I need to resolve to get rid of the "round-tuit" pile... and I'm not into resolving.