Thursday, January 17, 2008

Down South Church Search

Guess what? Fellow Traveler and I are going to Florida!

We are going to be visiting family and doing the Pale Northern Tourist crawl in the Kissimmee/Orlando areas.

Do any readers out there have any recommendations for a church to visit while we're in the neighborhood -- a church that navigationally impaired strangers can access fairly easily from the freeway? A hat tip in advance to any recommendations.


KellyJo said...

Longtime reader...first time commenter :) Since you'll be in my neck of the woods I thought I ought to speak up. The only church I've been to in Orlando is a Baptist one that my old roommate's parents go to...I know there is one Lutheran church in Kissimmee but I don't think it's real close to any Freeways. In fact, not much in the Orlando/Kissimmee area is! I think most things in the area are pretty easy to find, though. There's just a lot of traffic! If you need any other recommendations other than Churches let me know!

Have a great time here in the Sunshine State!

Anonymous said...

??? Huckabee is correct on many issues. Why do you disagree with him? Is it because he is mormon? If it was said by a Lutheran would you still disagree?


LutheranChik said...


See earlier posts...EXHIBIT B.

I can't make stuff like this up.

LutheranChik said...

BTW, Peter, sweetie (you seem to be very young: Calm down and note the following.

1. Huckabee is a Southern Baptist, not a Mormon.

2. As long as candidates for office don't engage in religious-identity politics -- which Huckleberry does -- I don't care what denomination or even what belief system they embrace. If a candidate has the character, leadership and adminstrative qualities that make for a competent head of state, they can be devotees of the Flying Spaghetti Monster for all I care. I'm not voting Republican, but if someone pointed a gun to my head and made me do it I think Mitt Romney is less objectionable than many of the other candidates. So he hopes he's working toward godhood and his own planet in the next life; as long as he's firmly grounded in our present reality, defends the Constitution and Bill of Rights (even against others in his own party) and doesn't use his office as a bully pulpit for his belief system (which Huck is doing already), then more power to him.

3. Lutheran theology is at odds with the sort of triumphalist Christian-identity politics one sees in the SBC, et I'd be both surprised and appalled if some Lutheran politician started sounding like a Falwell, Robertson or Huckabee. And my guess is that that individual wouldn't draw much of a Lutheran vote in general.

4. Many social conservatives themselves are getting fed up with Huckabee's demagogery, pandering and frightening lack of foreign-policy background -- or even seeming lack of interest in that subject. (See Rod Dreher's "Crunchy Con" blog on the Beliefnet website and his link to Tim Lowry's blog.) Get with the program, dude.

Tom in Ontario said...

When you're on vacation take a vacation from church too. This from a pastor.