Monday, January 07, 2008

Just Some Good O'l Boys...

After the Iowa caucuses pundits were busy talking about the "outsider," "new ideas" appeal of Mike Huckabee.

But how "outside" and "new" is he, really? Read about his recent visit to Liberty University , where he sounds like just another good ol' boy of the Religious Right trying to impose the social platform of the Southern Baptist Convention on everyone else in the country.

As Jerry Falwell, Jr., observes, "He's one of us."


Rachel said...

I was so over Huckabee when I read that his response to the question of why he supports capitol punishment was:

I am have a VERY hard time figuring out who to vote for... or even which primary to vote in.


Tom in Ontario said...

Charlie Rose interviewed a guy (don't remember who but definitely a Democrat) who figured Huckabee could never win the Whitehouse because he doesn't believe in evolution.

After seeing some of the kinds of people we elect to office on both sides of the border I think that guy's giving the voting public way too much credit.