Saturday, January 05, 2008


I was reading an article the other day about "creating more abundance" in one's life.

No, it wasn't one of those New-Agey endorsements of creative visualization or its "name it and claim it" Christian counterpart. Rather the author talked about ways to nurture the perception that one has enough, and more than enough, in one's life.

Readers were asked, "What makes your life feel abundant?"

For me, a close friendship makes me feel like I have an abundant life. I have always tended to be pretty independent, pretty sometimes it surprises me how important it is to also have a supportive presence in my life.

Learning -- feeling that I'm exercising my mind -- makes my life feel abundant. Access to books and information, learning new things, learning a new skill, all make me feel more alive.

Being surrounded by living things -- enjoying nature outside, or being in an indoor space alive with plants and pets -- helps me feel that my blessings are "pressed together and running over."

What makes your life feel more abundant?

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David said...

Being involved in my kids' lives and watching them new discoveries amkes life more abundant for me. As I watch them grow, I often recall many key events of my childhood and those "first times" when I would do something new.

Having four kids, there is never a shortage of "new" stuff in or around the house. As our youngest now has her first "very own pet" (hamster), our oldest is raising money to go to Tanzania in summer.

In these ragards, I think my wife and I pass along a life of abundance to them just by supporting them in their efforts.