Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Spring Fever Hits

I have just placed an order with Bountiful Gardens, a way-cool seed catalog, for a sampler packet of tomato seeds -- kind of an edible science experiment featuring seeds of multiple heirloom/open-pollinated tomatoes -- some rainbow chard and leaf lettuce. Despite the disaster of last year's Night of the Ravenous Deer attack on my tomatoes while I was on vacation -- I'm ready to try again. And so is Fellow Traveler, who wants to try some tomatoes and peppers in a small enclosure in her yard.

And I'm looking with renewed interest at my neglected collection of houseplants, which have been languishing under my indifferent care for the past year. I'm wanting to repot them; to get them in some rich new soil; to make amends as well as add amendments. I want to again be the Girl With the Green Thumb, whose apartment used to be green with vigorously growing ivy and ferns.

I think spring fever has finally come to my house again.


David said...

Every year my wife and I plant tomatoes, peppers, some beans and yellow squash. Then every year we get really busy and the garden is neglected. Before long it is either dried up, or run over with weeds. This year we have vowed to skip it and simply visit the veggie stands.

Good luck with yours....I know that you will do better than we have.

zorra said...

Life in general has been so distracting lately that I have not prepared to plant anything, and now it's too late here to put in tomatoes. So keep us posted on yours, and I'll enjoy them vicariously.