Friday, March 16, 2007

Friday Five: If I Could Do What I Want, What I Really, Really Want

This Friday's quintet query from the RevGalBlogPals: What five things would you rather be doing today than what you are doing?

1. Looking out at Crystal Lake from my new, interesting, agreeable workplace, anticipating a lovely St. Patrick's Day weekend with Fellow Traveler and the critters in a new Benzie County abode. (Hmmm...I think a leprechaun has pinched me and put me under a spell, or else I'm so spent from lack of sleep watching b-ball last night that I've begun hallucinating.)

2. Planting the mixed heirloom tomato seeds I got in the mail yesterday and placing them in my sunny dining room window.

3. Doing some long-neglected housework in the light of day, while I'm at least partially awake...which is the opposite of when I usually try to clean the house.

4. Taking a walk around my neighborhood.

5. Baking bread.


Cory said...

1) Be ANYWHERE except at work, making custom t-shirts for people to wear on the feast day of St. Patrick which advertize their desperate desire to get drunk or offer sexual services.

2) Ideally I'd rather be at Disneyland, which has become the happy place my mental processes retreat into while I'm sitting there making piles of custom shirts. Ah yes... ride through the Haunted Mansion, drink mint juleps on the deck of the Mark Twain Riverboat, have a pinapple ice cream/juice float while watching the Enchanted Tiki Room show, fly over Neverland on Peter pan's Flight, careen down the Matterhorn... pure bliss...

3) Barring another trip to Los Angeles, then maybe at least a trip to Banff... My most favorite local spot, and perhaps my most favorite place in the whole world, nestled as it is in the Rocky Mountains and steeped in such rich rustic and railway history.

4) Though I also can't get my mind out of the weekend I'll be spending at Dinosaur Provincial Park (a local UNESCO World Heritage Site, famous for its excellent dinosaur fossil deposits) at the beginning of June. I'm so looking forward to strolling through the badlands looking at fossils and through the cottonwoods looking for wildlife, topped off by a golden sunset snuggled up with my girlfriend and a steak dinner back at the rustic western hotel we're staying at.

5) Or, y'know, just ANYWHERE except being at work today making stupid custom shirts for people who don't know St. Patrick from Santa Claus.

Reverend Dona Quixote said...

MSU is DH's most recent Alma Mater too ... I'd say they dealt pretty handily with Marquette.

Tell me LC, do you think they have a snowball's chance of becoming Cinderella and defeating North Carolina?

Hedwyg said...

I love baking bread. It engages the whole body, and really sets the mind free. And the end result is so scrumptious! Good list - have a great weekend.

LutheranChik said...

Cory -- my pick would be Banff over Disneyland, even though my almost-stepkids live in Orlando. Awesome sightseeing.

RDQ: As hard as it is for me to admit...I don't think that MSU has depth-of-bench enough to get very far in the playoffs, especially with Ibok out for the count with his dislocated elbow. (That was really sad to watch; I was getting sympathy pains in my own arm.) Great game, but...the Duke game was more exciting, frankly!

Hedwyg: I have a great crunchy-granola baking book called Uprisings that I've owned since my college days -- it's a collection of bread/baked-good recipes from food cooperatives and cooperative bakeries, from their heyday -- I'm not brave enough to convert them into bread machine recipes, so they have to be kneaded the full-body way; very good bread, though. I think there may still be a printing of this book floating about on if you're interested. If you can find a copy, check out the Three-Seed Bread or Carrot-Herb breads, just to name two...mmmmm. That was the book that gave me the confidence to make bread from scratch.

Reverend Dona Quixote said...

LC, that's what my DH said too. She also indicated that Izzo was a little worried about that too. And you're right about that Duke game --what a barn-burner!

Anonymous said...

Baking bread sounds like a great idea.

LutheranChik said...

I'm making soda bread tomorrow...which may or may not count as bread bread, looks like bread bread.

hipchickmamma said...

planting and baking--sounds like heaven!

rockjack said...

I am
I did not go to work today cause I didnt want to ( It's nice to be king)
I also am a Layman, Though in ELCA Lay Ministry School, If I could I would like to go to a place of refuge, spend my days reading the word and discussing it with others, Meditating, Praying, and eating good bread,(Drinking Guinness) and enjoying fellowship.

It would be a lot like my Cursillo weekend I guess though without all those talks.

Im in St.Ignace (Mackinac) We are having an ELCA open retreat on Evangelism coming may 4-5 in Mackinaw City at the Headlands conference center.
If your interested ( open to all) you can e-mail me at

Its still frozen here on the water, Hope Crystal Lake is open and blue
God Bless
Rick Weiss