Thursday, March 08, 2007

Bend It Like LutheranChik

Foot update: My foot, which Constant Readers know took a beating this weekend when I tripped over it in a most ungraceful manner, is doing much better. I can now put my weight on it flat-footed without discomfort, which is an improvement over the first three days of my infirmity, when I spent many hours with my leg elevated and an ice pack -- well, actually a pound of frozen Frenched green beans; they were more effective than frozen corn -- on my swollen digit. But shoes with heels are out; I tried on some pumps yesterday morning to try and create a semblence of workplace professionalism and nearly hit the ceiling when my weight shifted to the knuckle of my big toe. Pressing directly down on my instep -- not a good idea either. But I can walk all right,in my Minnetonka mocs, if I don't go too fast or pivot too hard in any one direction.

It's been interesting to me to actually feel my foot mend; I'll be sitting there, and I can feel a kind of warmness and "buzziness" in the joint, after which my foot always seems to feel more normal. Fearfully and wonderfully made we are; and the way I need to be considering my congenital clumsification factor.

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