Monday, October 30, 2006

Memo to Paul: Talk Like a Person

There's nothing like Youth Sunday, and a pubescent lector whose shaky reading confidence wound up shipwrecked upon a verbose segment of a Pauline epistle, to remind me that Paul is one of my least favorite biblical authors. I know I might have to give up my union card now, but -- there; I said it and I'm glad.


Questing Parson said...

Paul, who?

Tom in Ontario said...

Paul said some great things (admit that and we'll let you keep the union card) but I'd have to agree that often he had a terribly convoluted and verbose way of saying them. I think sometimes he was trying to see if he could write a letter as one long run-on sentence.

Beth said...

Yay!!! There are other Christians who don't like Paul either!! Actually, I don't mind reading him silently when i have half an hour or so to get through every sentence, but reading him out loud or listening to him gives m e the willies. With a kid lector, it must be very frightening indeed.