Friday, October 13, 2006

Comfort, Comfort, O My People

A comfortable Friday Five, on a blustery day (at least here in Outer Podunk and surrounding state) from the RevGalBlogPals:

Comfort beverage: Just Coffee's Ethiopian Yrgicheffe, piping hot...a light roast that's o so smooooooooth going down.

Comfort chair: My loveseat, which is not only comfortable but in a comfortable color -- kind of an antique brick red with a mum pattern in buff and brown and ivory.

Comfort read: Cookbooks, especially those with some literary content, not just recipes and photos; gardening and botany books.

Comfort television/DVD/music I think "comfort television" is something of an oxymoron, other than my beloved Northern Exposure...for me comfort movies are the old black-and-white classics, and comfort music can be anything from the sung Daily Office to Bach to piano-bar standards to the blues. New discoveries include the Coffeehouse channel on Sirius radio, as well as the Yahoo! radio stations themed around a particular performer -- if you select a favored performer you can hear a variety of music from other performers on the same general musical wavelength.

Comfort companion(s) Fellow Traveler and blended menagerie, and a good pillow; I'm a pillow hugger.


the reverend mommy said...

Ooo... Cookbooks! I love cookbooks!

Amy said...

Yeah, Northern Exposure. That's a show they don't play in re-run form nearly enough.

What a great, although highly underated show.

hipastorzwife2B said...

Love cookbooks too and I have found that new show Men in Trees to be a lot like Northern Exposure. Maybe give it a try.