Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Blog Ate My Homework

Why haven't I posted this week?



Writer's block?

Well...two out of three...but, more importantly, I have just had Blogger swallow into oblivion a post I spent over a half-hour composing. I just don't have the energy to re-write it. I don't have the energy to compose the other three posts I was all fired up to write tonight.

Between Blogger and my dial-up connection, perhaps it would be faster for me to write out my posts on a piece of paper, place that in an envelope and mail them.


Scooper said...

I know you've recently completed an eldercare siege. So has my wife. Now it's my turn. While you are recovering from Blogger eating your homework, surf on over.

David said...

Persevere LC...too many of us enjoy reading your blog. Besides, I know that all of us who would want to be on the mailing list would pitch in for stamps, but I don't know if our individual stewardship campaigns could stand the additional postage.

LutheranChik said...

The thing that bugs me the most is not getting back on schedule for my weekly lectionary musings...which I very much enjoy writing, and which help me when I'm assisting, since they provide a thematic framework for my Prayers of the Church. I was all excited last night because I had not only some further thoughts on last Sunday's Gospel text but some ideas about next Sunday's...and then I had the posting problems. Oh, well.

Hemingway disciplined himself to write three pages every day. Three pages of anything. Three pages of stream-of-consciousness crap, if that's all he could manage. But he did it anyway. Blogging is actually one of the best antidotes to writer's block there is, because if you do it daily you are placing yourself under a similar rule, and really entering into the work of wordsmithery instead of waiting for the occasional creative bolt to hit.