Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A Dash of Salt

Of all the grist for thought in this past Sunday's lessons, the image that's remained in my mind is that of salt -- Christians acting as the salt of the earth. Maybe that's because I like to cook; because I have myself stood over countless bowls and pots, adding salt in tiny increments to various dishes. It's funny how just a dash -- an almost impercetible amount -- of salt can enhance certain foods; you can't taste the salt, but you can taste the diffference if it's there.

I think it's interesting that Jesus, in various places in Scripture, uses the metaphors of salt and yeast in describing the working of the Reign of God in the world. Both substances are best used sparingly; a little of each goes a long way. How contrary that is to both the "Christ over culture" triumphalist paradigm and to our own spiritual ambitions and the frustration when we, inevitably, do not live up to them.

What Jesus seems to be suggesting is that the inbreaking of the Reign of God is going to be in slow, small, subtle ways...and perhaps, by extension, that's how it is with us as well, as we grow into our callings in the Reign. But no matter how slow or small or subtle...if not us, who else is going to season the world?

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