Friday, November 18, 2005

Kid Lit

Well, I could keep watching the evening news as the twitching arrow on my Public Moron-o-meter comes perilously close to falling right off the far end of the dial...or I could answer the RevGals' Friday Five:

Earliest book you remember (read to you or by you): The Night Before Christmas -- also the first book I could read.

Picture book you would like to climb into: Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking-Glass.

Favorite series of books (then or now): The Pippi Longstocking books were a big favorite of mine. And Thornton Burgess' animal books.

Character you would most like to meet: The Cheshire Cat. And the Frumious Bandersnatch (despite all warnings to the contrary).

5) Last childhood book you re-read (for yourself or to someone): The Annotated Alice.


peripateticpolarbear said...

Oh I really loved teh Pippi Longstocking books!

Scooper said...

Earliest book - The Giant Golden Book of Dinosaurs

Picture Book to climb into - none, Through the Looking Glass put me off that sort of stuff

Favorite series of books - The How and Why Wonder Books

Character you would like to meet - Galadriel or Gandalf

Last childhood book you re-read - Lord of the Rings

Am I a nerd or what?

Songbird said...

That Annotated Alice is wonderful.

LutheranChik said...

PPB: The idea of an independent child unencumbered by fussing, busybody adults -- that premise appealed muchly to my only-child-of-anxious-older-parents self.;-)

Pooper Scooper: I didn't mention LOTR just because to me they're a bit more challenging than kid lit...if I included them in my list, they'd be my favorite series, and the characters I'd most like to meet would be Galadriel and Gandolf, fer shure.

Songbird: It is a great book.

My mom did not come from a home with a lot of books, but she did have a battered old copy of the Alice books, together in one volume, with the original Sir John Tenniel artwork; I was sick a lot as a kid, so I spent a lot of time in bed reading this and happily studying the details in the pictures.