Saturday, November 12, 2005

Gettin' Squirrelly

This is my third squirrel-proof bird feeder.

The first two were destroyed. By squirrels. So as you might expect, I am approaching this latest attempt at anti-squirrel technology with a certain amount of skepticism.

I wouldn't mind so much if the squirrels would just take a mouthful of birdseed and leave. But nooooo. They're greedy. They chase the poor chickadees and titmice and finches away, then wrap themselves around the birdfeeder and suck down the seeds for a half-hour at a time. Or they'll jimmy off the tops of feeders and crawl right inside. When I had an old-fashioned wood-and-glass feeder, the squirrels managed to chew completely through the wood to get to the seeds. If this were a just world one of our resident pileated woodpeckers -- those ginormous crested woodpeckers that look like pterodactyls -- would swoop down and give the squirrels a good rap on the cranium. But they don't.

Enter the Duncraft Squirrel Resistant birdfeeder. It's made entirely of metal and has some sort of patented thingy-do on the cap that, theoretically, will prevent the squirrels from pulling it off.

The good news: Over the past three days I have not seen one squirrel on this feeder. I'm afraid to even think this lest I jinx the feeder, but...maybe the thing really is squirrel-proof. If it is, I will sing the praises of Duncraft from here to Siberia -- anywhere on the globe where human beings who love birds must battle the wiles of gluttonous rodents.

I'll let you know.

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Nicodemia said...

Do hope that thing repels the squirrels! Our Squirrel-proof feeders have a much bigger cage thing round them, so there is room for a small bird inside the cage, feeding from the feeder quite comfortably. Small, in the sense of sparrows, chaffinches etc.

The squirrels turned themselves inside out trying to get at the seed at first, but they have given up now, and just nick things off the bird-table instead!

We have three sorts of feed out - sunflower hearts, peanuts and nyjer seed for the Goldfinches and siskins in the winter. Plus bits of bread, cheese, fat etc. for anyone that comes.

By the way, are those trees in your garden?? Looks wonderful!

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain. I too have bird feeders and for the first year, the challenge was feeding the birds -- NOT the squirrels. Who eat and eat and eat. I got squirrel-proof feeders (the top dome kind also work well) but beware, an annoyed squirrel will let you know.
Here's another option: have a squirrel feeder -- something as cheap as a corn cob holder. they'll be so preoccupied with it and you can buy corn cobs cheap, at least cheaper than bird seed.
another option -- buy only safflower seed. squirrels (and certain nuisance birds) don't like them. From the type of feeder you have, it looks like you are feeding small songbirds -- finches?
I can offer safflower seed in a regular feeder and it is undisturbed.
good luck!

Rachel's Big Dunk said...

Oh, my squirrel ravaged friends. There is a much more effective feeder. It borders on inhumane, but after years of finding squirrels inside my normal citadel of a feeder, I am a true convert. Meet 'the Flipper' by Droll Yankee. Made right here in Little Rhody. My aunt gave me one last year. It has a rechargeable battery. When a squirrel or heavy bird gets on the bar, it begins to spin, sending them off into the stratosphere. Truly, no squirrels are hurt... but they are humiliated. Now my little furry friends wait patiently UNDER the feeder and eat the chickadees leftovers. Hee Hee.

Check it out here:

Squirrels everywhere: be afraid.

LutheranChik said...

Nic: That's part of our woods; the house is surrounded by trees. It's completely unkept -- Mother Nature's project.;-)

Rachel: A squirrel swirlie! I like it. [evil grin] I went for cheap.;-) And...knock wood...another squirrel-less day.

bls said...

As I'm sure you can imagine, I was just about to post on my new squirrel-proof bird feeder.

Next day or two....