Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Morning Delusional

No, I don't mean morning devotional. I mean morning delusional.

My morning delusional would begin as the sun slowly appears on the horizon. I would rise, go into our quiet front room and proceed with a leisurely examen, followed by Morning Prayer -- the whole enchilada, not the Cliff's Notes version for individuals. I would then move to the floor, roll out my yoga mat and do a few asanas to get the circulation flowing; or perhaps I'd move to the patio for some tai chi.

Here's how my real-life morning begins: I am startled into consciousness by the cold, wet, grassy paws of Gertie, who has already roused Fellow Traveler out of bed. A wet nose attempts to push past my lips as the wet paws slap at me.

Meanwhile a cat's head begins butting into my hair, accompanied by a loud purr. I feel Mollie's nose inserted into my ear.

"Brrrt? Brrrt?"

Gertie rolls on her back for a game of "Foot." Mollie leaps off the bed, runs to the doorway, then stops and looks back, with some impatience: "So...when can I expect the Whiskas?"

May as well get up and make the coffee.


angela said...

I'm with you--I'd like the Morning Delusional, just once in a while would be nice. Thank goodness my dogs are getting older and not able to jump on the bed. The little girl wakes me at 6:30 anyway; that's sleeping later for her!


LoieJ said...

Love the Brrrt. I am happily a non-pet owner, currently, after many years of a number of pets, but ours were outside at night, thankfully.