Saturday, March 04, 2006

Yearn To Learn?

Check out the ELCA's Select Multimedia Resources -- all kinds of great DVD's, videos, study guides and learning packages on a wide variety of topics -- practical ministerial skills, topical studies, theology and much more. The religious studies department at the Greater Podunkian Community College leaves a little something to be desired, so this is a great alternative for rurally marooned middle-aged wage slaves like myself who would otherwise not have much of an opportunity to see and hear folks like Robert Farrar Capon, Marva Dawn and Mark Allen Powell.

And -- if you have $80 burning a hole in your pocket, the ability to make very quick decisions and a desire for some meaty reading and discussion this Lent, the Fisher's Net distance learning clearinghouse is advertising an online class, Not Above the Teacher: Reading the Narratives of the Trial of Jesus , utilizing the text Christ on Trial: How the Gospels Unsettle Our Judgment by Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury. It starts March 6th; hence the need for speed if you're interested.

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