Thursday, March 16, 2006

I Had the Strangest Dream Last Night...

My friend RuthRE has been doing a lot of dreaming lately. And it seems to be catching, because I just had an interesting dream this morning – a morning when, by the way, my dog did not wake me up.

In my dream, I’m visiting City With Two Big Lakes, in northern Michigan, where I lived for about a decade before returning to Outer Podunk. City With Two Big Lakes may be four times the size of Outer Podunk…but that still makes it a pretty small city, one that I got to know well during my time there.

Anyway, I have in my hand a city map, with places of interest noted on it. And there’s a big red star, just a few blocks away from the downtown area, that indicates – well, darn it, when I woke up I could no longer remember what it indicated, but in my dream it’s a place whose presence in this city where I used to live stuns me, amazes me and then makes me downright giddy with delight. Who knew? I look at the streets; there are unfamiliar streets listed near this destination, ones I have no memory of existing during my sojourn in this city, but they provide a quick, easy route to the place.

“How could something like that be here and I not know that it’s here?” I exclaim to myself. “And when did they construct those streets? But – it doesn’t matter. This is so great! I can’t believe it! Wow! And it’s so easy to get to! I have got to drive there right now.”

So I get in my car and proceed to make what I think is going to be a quick trip to this wonderful, incredible destination. But for reasons I can’t explain I miss my intersection. And then I’m in the wrong lane, and have to make a last-minute correction, right in front of a county mountie sitting at a corner that vees into the main street, and I’m afraid I’m going to get pulled over. I don’t, but the sight of the cop car in my rear-view mirror rattles me. “I’ll just turn onto one of these side streets and backtrack, off the main drag,” I think.

So at the point of my waking up I’m jittery, and annoyed with myself, and incredibly impatient to get where I want to go.

Paging Joseph? Daniel? Dr. Jung?

P.S. Check out Ruth’s latest post. It’s a lot more exciting than this one: She’s getting headhunted by The CEO!


Mata H said...

Und zo, Mizz Chik, zis dream iz not zooooo peculiar.

Actually, LC, look at what you have written lately :
I'm lost.. I don't know what I'm doing.... I can't find "sacred space" for worship. I can't find my motivation....I've lost my focus. Help!

Seems to me this dream is about your spiritual journey and its direction - your travel to the roots of your faith, to that closeness with God that is "home". You are on the journey, LC, on the journey.

But hey, that is just my guess - YMMV.

Anonymous said...

This is off topic, but you posted an inquiry at the SisterBloggers site yesterday... just wanted to let you know that I took a stab at responding to you over there...


RevHRod said...

My internship supervisor did his DMin on dream interpretation and counseling. I'd tell him my dreams and he would say, "That's very interesting. We should talk about that some time." And then he'd wander off with secret knowledge of my psyche and never explained ANYTHING! However, I did learn that car dreams are almost always about life's journey, (unless you're worrying about paying the insurance bill or gettin new snow tires.) Also, I learned that whatever you think the dream is about- that's usually what it's about. It's your creativity, so you're usually the best interpreter.

LutheranChik said...

Mata H: I think Verdugo is have a charism for spiritual direction. (And when you kick me in the behind you do it in such a nuanced way that it doesn't feel like a kick.;-))

But what does the cop mean?

Thanks, Natty! Now the problem becomes finding the time to get away.

RevH: I've heard that too, about cars representing our journey, our proactive moving forward. (And I used to have dreams about not being able to start my car, or not being in control of my car -- that'd be pretty easy to figure out.

But what does the cop mean?

Mata H said...

Well, LC..the cop..Hmmm. To think through your dreams, think what the image means for you outside of the dream.

For me a cop is the one who is going to be the Big Critic. He is the guy who read the Law but not the Gospel. And my guess is that he is the cop inside of you who is critisizing you(rself) for not being "on track".

This is the curse of over achievers - we get to not only lose our sense of direction, but feel lousy about a perfectly human error as well -- a double whammy. But the dream is also sending you some wisdom, because it is the fear of this criticism (the cop) that makes you lose your way.

Well, so goeth my best shot at who the cop is -- That and a buck fifty will get you a cuppa coffee in most places :-)

Ruth said...

By the grace of the Cop you were saved from a speeding ticket?


Thanks for the shout-out :)