Thursday, December 24, 2009

Welcome to Brooklyn!

I am writing this from The Kids' dining room table, on the top floor of a Brooklyn brownstone flanked by sycamores. The snowman belongs to a neighbor on the other side of the street. (We took this photo a couple of days ago, when the snow was still fresh; he's looking the worse for wear today, missing a hat and one eye.)

It is almost 5:30 pm, but we are on lobster watch -- according to FedEx, the lobster we ordered for tonight is on the truck...somewhere. We called a very nice, very ill customer service representative who is helping us figure out what's going on. But we have a Plan don't worry about us.

 We had planned on attending family Christmas Mass down the street at Our Lady of Perpetual Help. This will not happen, partly because of the lobster but mostly because Miss Ruby, who's had a fussy day, is finally asleep, and we're overjoyed about that, and not about to interrupt her slumber. (We think Baby Jesus would understand this.)  We may go to the Spanish service at 10:30...there's also a Chinese Mass at 12:30, but that's pushing it...we'll figure something out.

Meanwhile, the other neighbors have been decking their halls, or more accurately their brownstones, with wonderful Christmas bling; this is a much more festive neighborhood than ours back home. I'm just sitting here with Fellow Traveler, watching the lights and the neighbors and the traffic.

No matter what you and yours are doing this Christmas Eve, we wish you a blessed and Merry Christmas.


Beth said...

Baby Jesus definitely understands....Mary even more so. I hope Ruby wakes up in a better mood. Merry Christmas.

Terri said...

Sounds like a delightful day - hope the lobster arrived and a good meal was shared!

Processing Counselor said...

Are you in Fort Green? I walked past this snowman on the way to lunch on Thursday! So Funny. I work in the State Office Bldg at 55 Hanson Place across from Target-Atlantic Mall!