Tuesday, December 01, 2009

The Mystery of the Hidden Advent Wreath

Our new, cloth Advent calendar from Bronner's is on our wall, and we've been taking some childlike delight in velcro-ing the first two objects onto their appropriate spots...but our Advent wreath is AWOL.

It's actually down in our crawlspace, somewhere amid our other numerous Christmas boxes. Because we wont' be home on Christmas itself, we're still debating how much, if any, of the Christmas bling to put up; but we did really want to use our Advent wreath this year as a helpful daily reality check this especially busy season.

We have, as our furnace man recently noted, one of the nicest, best-lit, cleanest crawlspaces around...but it still necessitates a real crawl, since there's only about a four-foot clearance. I find something penitential in shuffling around on my knees on the cold cement, getting clear about wants versus needs as I survey our seasonal stuff collection.


Ruth said...

any luck?

LutheranChik said...

We went out to dinner instead. [sheepish grin] Tomorrow is another day!

altar ego said...

Crawling does strike me as penitential, at least in this particular context!